John Potter: Artist

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Update, July 2012:

Here are a couple of pieces that came as the result of snorkeling in Arizona last Spring.
  “Arizona Pin Cushion”
  9X12″  Oil
  14X11″  Oil
  (“Nizhoni” is Navajo for “Beautiful”)

Hello everyone!
We’ve just returned from a three-week trip to Europe (Ireland, Wales, Paris), and I’m here to tell ya, there is a decided LACK of land-snorkelers across the pond (and a decided lack of LAND for snorkeling, as well).
I am so grateful to be back in my homeland – “Turtle Island.” We are blessed to be able to snorkel here, where we still have some wild land left – land that still has good medicine to provide, wisdom to impart, and vitality of spirit & color to share with us.
We are all made of the land…we are all recycled mastodon, buffalo, and star dust. All tribal people love the land, and we all descend from tribal backgrounds. Snorkeling should be second-nature (or first!) to all of us.
Thanks, Clyde and Carol, for helping bring back the importance of the message of a closer kinship with our First Mother.
I’m headed out for some snowshoe-snorkeling!
– Best to all, John