Adding Nature to Homeschooling

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Called “Wildschooling” – it’s a new term to an old idea. Incorporating more nature into children’s everyday lives, even while schooling. ” Throughout the first five years of my older daughter’s life, I watched her dance through the clover, climb … Continued

How Animals See Themselves

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A thought essay on experiencing the world like animals do, using their senses that we as humans, lack. “We could, instead, try to view them through their own eyes. In 1909, the biologist Jakob von Uexküll noted that every animal … Continued

Sweden Dressed for Summer

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Known for skiing and northern lights – it really puts on a show in Summer, too. Marcus Westberg writes: “Lately — especially during the last year, for reasons no longer necessary to explain — I have begun to explore the … Continued

Support Children in Nature

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“Fourteen years ago, my book Last Child in the Woods introduced the term “nature-deficit disorder.” The term was new, but the trend (of alienation from the natural world) was not.” – Richard Louv   If getting children out into nature is as … Continued