Ant Hills at Work…

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Have you ever noticed how you can hear an ant hill ?  When there is no wind and you kneel next to the hill, you will hear the ants at work.  Fascinating. – Sarah Pilgrim

Livingston Enterprise features Landsnorkeling

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The Livingston, Montana newspaper, the Enterprise ran a wonderful feature article on Landsnorkeling and Clyde & Carol – our founders. “Walking around outdoors without an agenda or a destination, just looking at the natural world, taking it all in and … Continued

How Species Save Our Lives

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A reader sent us this article – saying “This article points out how important it is to landsnorkel and spend time studying, observing and protecting our natural world.”  It recently ran in the New York Times.  A snippet is below, … Continued

Snorkeling Wildflowers

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WOW – A FABULOUS ARTICLE written by our great naturalist friend, Whitney Tilt! Including a mention for… “I am “land snorkeling,” to use a term coined by artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman (visit I am out under the … Continued

Kerry Fee – Park County, Montana

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Being in charge of an environmental nonprofit like Park Co. Environmental Council is a challenging job to say the least. Especially in an area with so much beauty like Park County, MT. However, of all the natural resources I treasure … Continued

Amy Evans in Wales

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I am thrilled to know that there is finally a group that supports what I do. As an artist I am always observing and taking my time as I walk. This fall my husband and I took a walking tour … Continued

Becky Joy – Oregon

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Growing up in Oregon, I was constantly exploring the woods behind our house, along the river on bike rides, at my grandparent’s farms or camping and hiking with the family. As an adult and now living in Arizona, I regularly … Continued

Snowy Owls

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Some of our fans sent us these pictures of snowy owls! The pics were taken in Polson, Montana. “…went up to Polson to see the Snowy Owls.  It happens rarely and they really don’t know why they come this far south … Continued