Kathy Aspevig: Sedona, AZ

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I’ve been land snorkeling all my life. My youth was spent hiking and looking for arrowheads and agates in southeastern Montana with my brother and mother. I still spend my free time enjoying nature and it’s beauty with my soul … Continued

John Stacy: Snorkel to work

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I spent the day snorkeling around the Yellowstone river(on shore) while I collected driftwood for a building project. The river was a subtle musical backdrop to the whole outing – gurgling along over ancient boulders. The rocks were smooth under … Continued

Kayla Matson Gerrity: Roatan Island

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Snorkeling the beach is a slow motion investigation of recently deceased sea life.  I slowly walk and amazing creatures of varied colors, textures and smells suddenly are tossed in front of me.  Now I can poke and prod to try … Continued

Kristen Thies

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For me, Land Snorkeling… is about practicing the art of becoming one with Nature. It means turning off my computer and cell phone, then stepping outside into a magical world that enlivens all my senses. I love feeling the warmth … Continued

Kent & Linda – Montana

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Very soothing, very informative and like you say, “free and fun”!

We did a lot of snorkeling in the first two weeks of September rafting the Grand Canyon. Those long quiet stretches between rapids on the Colorado are perfect for snorkeling, with the perspective changing moment to moment as the raft advances and turns.

Kent and Linda, Land Snorkelers from Bozeman, MT

Marcia Wunsch – New York City

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As far as snorkeling around NYC, there are many surprising areas of green besides the obvious, Central Park, with its lawns, meadows, lakes of miniature sail boats, fountains, zoo, conservatory, marionette theater, boathouse, playgrounds, ice-skating rink, ball fields, a climbing … Continued