An Unusual Hotel Greeter

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I was greeted by this female Peregrine Falcon nested on a ledge outside my hotel window in Silver Springs, Maryland, sitting on 4 eggs.  I was lucky to get an out of focus, fast shot of the male giving her … Continued

Land Art Videos

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Land Art Documentary, Scotland by Dietmar Voorwold   Land Art, Leaves & Light: Logos/Arcan – Beaute Eternelle Land Art Documentary, Australia with Brad Schwede  

Winter Wonderings

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Most of the country is trapped in the dead of winter, dreaming of spring. These should help wile away the cold days. Enjoy! A Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – It includes a suggestion for hot cocoa at the end… how … Continued

Turtle Shell

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By: Karen Stevenson While walking in an open pine studded meadow above the draw where a small pond and stock tank are fed by a spring, I happened upon a turtle shell, belly side up, on the ground. It was … Continued

The Chickadee’s Memory

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Chickadees! The tenacious bird that can survive a Montana winter has a memory that will blow your mind! (From Montana Outdoors) “Even if chickadees don’t end up helping science cure Alzheimer’s, the birds will always be a welcome tonic for … Continued

Intracacies of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

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Great NY Times article on monarchs, milkweed, and their intricate relationship. “Unlike most migrating species, monarch butterflies employ an improbable strategy that splits their round-trip migration between generations. So their life cycles must be intricately synchronized with those of the … Continued

Woodland Nursery

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Tops out the scale of cuteness.  “A lovely exploration of human nature and society, this film takes us into an unusual outdoor nursery. With the woods as their classroom and playground, a group of small children explore their surroundings and … Continued