Haiku: Landsnorkel in Translation

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Haiku poetry focuses on a brief moment in time in the same way landsnorkeling pays attention to the smallest detail…a frog, a rock, the soughing of wind through trees. One employs the senses, the other evokes the senses. Both can … Continued

Harry Howard and Barbara Batey: Montana

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August 2010: Arizona Monsoons Click each image for a description… 2012: Snorkled my way into falling in love with Clyde’s paintings, long before we’d met…probably because he paints the atmosphere, the light on leaf, the glimmer in the heart of … Continued

Birds of Paradise

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Great video for the bird lovers out there:   and here’s a shorter version in case you are pressed for time:

Carol Guzman: Founder

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Mendocino Coast July 2014 – While landsnorkeling along the Pacific Coast in Elk, California we came across this gentleman named Larry Knowles who harvests seaweed for his company Rising Tide Sea Vegetables in Mendocino, California.   They make nutritional seaweed snacks … Continued

Land Snorkeling in Alaska

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By Chelsea McKenna Hollender I was lucky enough to get to spend the Summer Solstice in Alaska this year. Soaking up the midnight sun, the views, the kind people, and the wildlife. And of course, landsnorkeling.   Click each picture … Continued


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By Karen Stevenson As we explore nature, landsnorkeling relies heavily on our sense of sight to spy the tiniest of organisms or see the flash of color of an oriole in a tree. I have found a tiny vole skull … Continued

A park that is underwater…

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Not often are there places where you can landsnorkel part of the year, and snorkel underwater the rest of the year…  check out this park in Austria that is under glacier runoff water for part of the year! Read Article!