Note from a Landsnorkeler:

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This is a great idea you folks have. As a born and bred Montana boy I am now a retired Civil Engineer and have been pursuing watercolors for the last 15 years and recently acrylics after a Glacier Park workshop with … Continued

A cookbook for landsnorkelers…

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A Bird Hunter’s Table, is about cooking, eating, and sharing friendship. It is also about gundogs, gamebirds, and getting outside to enjoy the land.  A Bird Hunter’s Table includes over 130 recipes, collectively assembled by friends and family. In addition, the … Continued

Scott McMillion – Montana

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Land snorkeling isn’t power walking, or even hiking. It isn’t about exercising your body. Rather, it’s a conscious method of exercising your curiosity. It’s not so much about finding answers as it is about finding questions. It’s a vital tool … Continued

Enduring Horsetails

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These are horsetails. Most people who live in the Pacific Northwest know them and hate them, mostly because there’s absolutely no way you can ever get them out of your garden once they arrive.   I was at a very … Continued

Sean Gerrity: American Prairie Reserve

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View Sean’s latest article, an Interview with Eric Dinerstein.   Connecting With Nature Requires Public Access to the Natural World July 2012 – Originally Posted HERE. People in the United States have a slowly eroding relationship with nature, but we … Continued