Becky Joy – Oregon

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cactus 2173 copyGrowing up in Oregon, I was constantly exploring the woods behind our house, along the river on bike rides, at my grandparent’s farms or camping and hiking with the family. As an adult and now living in Arizona, I regularly take off for parts unknown to explore. I often paint on location, but sometimes spend the time just walking, watching and looking.

The smell of the fresh air can trigger a memory or a different focus on a scene. Watching the movement of the clouds or the changing colors of the sky helps me to get lost in a vision and into a new world.

I close my eyes and feel the wind on my face imagining other days and times. Touching the smooth texture of leaves or the rough bark of a tree will rekindle memories of places I’ve experienced.

It’s times like these that my mind starts to wander and I envision new and evolving scenes that often become my next painting.

– Becky Joy