Bev Bunker-Alberta, Canada

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I grew up in a city and was fortunate enough to live almost across the street from a very large ravine and forested area that went on for many miles. I spent many hours there as I grew up; walking, biking, taking a book to read or my sketchbook to draw in as I sat near the small Mill Creek that bubbled past me. These memories have continued to form my relationship with my ongoing excursions anywhere I go.

I like to visit natural areas within the Province of Alberta up here in Canada where I live as often as I can. This province has incredible diversity in its landscapes – from the Canadian Shield in the North to the desert and hoodoos in the South. My husband and I regularly go on daytrips to places we haven’t visited before to get photos, often serving as resources for my paintings. But most times I just enjoy whatever jewels of nature that appear…and they are everywhere I look.