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Mendocino Coast

July 2014 – While landsnorkeling along the Pacific Coast in Elk, California we came across this gentleman named Larry Knowles who harvests seaweed for his company Rising Tide Sea Vegetables in Mendocino, California.   They make nutritional seaweed snacks which can be purchased on-line at  They also sell bulk seaweed which you can add to your favorite dishes.  Clyde and Larry are holding a seaweed called Wakame Kelp. He gave us a few to try and they were delicious – especially loved the Maple Chewnami.

Dawn Light

July, 2012 – I’m enjoying reading Diane Ackerman’s book “Dawn Light”  She is such a great writer and landsnorkeler. Here is a quote from the book which echos our thoughts of the benefits of landsnorkeling.
“I pause to sit on the grass and watch the sphinx moth or yarrow, stroll quietly, see what’s happening in nature, letting thoughts bubble up.  That takes data-free time, time away from clocks, e-mail, cell phones, computers, newspapers, television, radios, and all the other purveyors of information that plug us in and plug us up.  A mind carries so many loads.  Setting some of them down for a short spell, to loll in wonder’s swaying hammock, delivers me a much now as when I was a child.  I like to spend a few rapt moments with the look and feel of an iris beard or watch the to-and-fro-ings of birds, layering new observations onto old as my eyes travel from the volatile palette of leaves to the leaves leaving in autumn.”

McCloud River & Mt. Shasta

My recent time away from the Shields Valley was on the McCloud River south of Mt. Shasta in California.  Mt. Shasta, located at the southern end of The Cascade Range, rises as 4 overlapping volcanic cones to the height of 14,179 ft. high – the fifth highest peak in California.  The McCloud River is formed by spring fed streams coming out of the Cascades.  It is a beautiful river with many waterfalls and boasts great fishing although the years of bountiful salmon runs are long gone.  We were with a group of friends, mostly artists and painters who explored, painted, hiked and landsnorkeled all along the river and the small streams that fed it.   See photos from our trip below…

Friends Enjoying the McCloud River Club

A waterfall into the McCloud River

Carol Guzman prepping to paint along the McCloud River

An area rich in annual rainfall.

Clyde painting an area along the McCloud River

Snorkeling over the McCloud River

Landsnorkeling’s Birth

Jan, 2012 – My husband Clyde and I came up with the term land snorkeling 20 years ago while hiking in Sedona, Arizona. We decided to share this idea with friends and anyone interested in exploring nature in a fun and interesting way.

Carol Guzman – Magazine Feature HERE!

  1. Karen Stevenson

    I share your love for Diane Ackerman’s writing! And to think she wrote it during the year her husband was recovering his speech after a bad stroke! “The mind carries so many loads.” But her writing reveals that nature is truly solace for the soul.