Winter Wonderings

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Most of the country is trapped in the dead of winter, dreaming of spring. These should help wile away the cold days. Enjoy! A Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – It includes a suggestion for hot cocoa at the end… how … Continued

Intracacies of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

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Great NY Times article on monarchs, milkweed, and their intricate relationship. “Unlike most migrating species, monarch butterflies employ an improbable strategy that splits their round-trip migration between generations. So their life cycles must be intricately synchronized with those of the … Continued

A park that is underwater…

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Not often are there places where you can landsnorkel part of the year, and snorkel underwater the rest of the year…  check out this park in Austria that is under glacier runoff water for part of the year! Read Article!

Kids + Woods

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HOW TO KEEP YOUNG HIKERS HAPPY: Nature Games and Other Strategies for More Fun on the Trail Leading kids through the woods requires more than a map and compass. You also need enthusiasm and creativity to keep things fun for … Continued

Animal Magnetism: Why we love watching animals…

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Animal Magnetism Humans are fascinated by our fellow animals – is that just an evolutionary hangover or something more profound? by David P Barash –  an evolutionary biologist, aspiring buddhist, and professor of psychology and biology at the University of Washington. His most … Continued

Teaching Kids to Love Nature

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Great article here on Moms and Dads who teach kids to love nature…   HERE’S TO THE MOMS — and Dads — who teach the love of nature by example, despite certain phobias …. My mother, an artist, hovered above … Continued

Life at 40 degrees below zero…

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Article here on   A Wild Life at 40 Below: Working on a Snow-Covered American Serengeti  The bison herd on American Prairie Reserve moves across the landscape unfazed by winter weather. Photo: Dennis Lingohr When you think about modern … Continued