Life at 40 degrees below zero…

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Article here on   A Wild Life at 40 Below: Working on a Snow-Covered American Serengeti  The bison herd on American Prairie Reserve moves across the landscape unfazed by winter weather. Photo: Dennis Lingohr When you think about modern … Continued

A cookbook for landsnorkelers…

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A Bird Hunter’s Table, is about cooking, eating, and sharing friendship. It is also about gundogs, gamebirds, and getting outside to enjoy the land.  A Bird Hunter’s Table includes over 130 recipes, collectively assembled by friends and family. In addition, the … Continued

Sean Gerrity: American Prairie Reserve

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View Sean’s latest article, an Interview with Eric Dinerstein.   Connecting With Nature Requires Public Access to the Natural World July 2012 – Originally Posted HERE. People in the United States have a slowly eroding relationship with nature, but we … Continued

What’s in a Name?

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Original Article here on Gallatin Valley Land Trust. By Whitney Tilt If only someone had mentioned that Latin might be useful one day. In elementary school, attempting to study Latin, my classmates and I often complained, “Latin killed the Romans, … Continued

Sean Gerrity’s Interview with Eric Dinerstein

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From   An Abundance of Rarity, Prairies and Beyond – with Eric Dinerstein In his travels around the world, World Wildlife Fund Lead Scientist Eric Dinerstein has been fortunate to experience an abundance of today’s uncommon creatures. His latest book, The Kingdom of Rarities,takes readers … Continued