Livingston Enterprise features Landsnorkeling

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The Livingston, Montana newspaper, the Enterprise ran a wonderful feature article on Landsnorkeling and Clyde & Carol – our founders. “Walking around outdoors without an agenda or a destination, just looking at the natural world, taking it all in and … Continued

How Species Save Our Lives

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A reader sent us this article – saying “This article points out how important it is to landsnorkel and spend time studying, observing and protecting our natural world.”  It recently ran in the New York Times.  A snippet is below, … Continued

Snorkeling Wildflowers

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WOW – A FABULOUS ARTICLE written by our great naturalist friend, Whitney Tilt! Including a mention for… “I am “land snorkeling,” to use a term coined by artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman (visit I am out under the … Continued

Plan for Community-Based Conservation

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2011 President Obama Announces Plan for Community-Based Conservation through the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Barack Obama today announced the Administration’s action plan, under the America’s Great Outdoors initiative, to achieve lasting … Continued