Support Children in Nature

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“Fourteen years ago, my book Last Child in the Woods introduced the term “nature-deficit disorder.” The term was new, but the trend (of alienation from the natural world) was not.” – Richard Louv   If getting children out into nature is as … Continued

Look, Don’t Touch!

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A fantastic article encouraging kids (and their adults) to immerse themselves in nature, make mud pies, build forts, and climb trees. Nature can take it, and the love they develop for nature as a kid will foster environmentally friendly behaviors … Continued

Woodland Nursery

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Tops out the scale of cuteness.  “A lovely exploration of human nature and society, this film takes us into an unusual outdoor nursery. With the woods as their classroom and playground, a group of small children explore their surroundings and … Continued

Kids + Woods

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HOW TO KEEP YOUNG HIKERS HAPPY: Nature Games and Other Strategies for More Fun on the Trail Leading kids through the woods requires more than a map and compass. You also need enthusiasm and creativity to keep things fun for … Continued

Taking the time…

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Land snorkeling is to nature as the Slow Food movement is to food; both require slowing down to savor the moment. I was among a group of volunteers who would plant flowers in twelve big containers which would later be … Continued