Remnants of a Season

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By Karen Stevenson Remnants of a misty moisty morning walk…a deer skull, lichen, autumn leaves, and a nest. Remnant…remembering…a fading season, an empty nest, and bones. A tree covered in the feathery blue-green-gray lichen, a nest fallen from a tree, … Continued

A Rock Story

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By Karen Stevenson I love rocks! After spending a day trekking around the countryside, I have been known to arrive at home with my pockets filled with rocks. I suppose I learned that habit from my mother. She kept a … Continued

Turtle Shell

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By: Karen Stevenson While walking in an open pine studded meadow above the draw where a small pond and stock tank are fed by a spring, I happened upon a turtle shell, belly side up, on the ground. It was … Continued


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 Wasps!  Order: Hymenoptera, Family – Vespidae By Karen Stevenson It’s that time of year when even my dog doesn’t want to sit out on the deck on a nice autumn day because of the gangs of wasps rumbling about. With … Continued

Orchard Oriole

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By Karen Stevenson Pausing to rest my eyes from the computer screen, I looked out my window and there was a flash of the brightest orange in flight I have ever seen. This beautiful orchard oriole hung out in the … Continued

Haiku: Landsnorkel in Translation

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Haiku poetry focuses on a brief moment in time in the same way landsnorkeling pays attention to the smallest detail…a frog, a rock, the soughing of wind through trees. One employs the senses, the other evokes the senses. Both can … Continued

Carol Guzman: Founder

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Mendocino Coast July 2014 – While landsnorkeling along the Pacific Coast in Elk, California we came across this gentleman named Larry Knowles who harvests seaweed for his company Rising Tide Sea Vegetables in Mendocino, California.   They make nutritional seaweed snacks … Continued


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By Karen Stevenson As we explore nature, landsnorkeling relies heavily on our sense of sight to spy the tiniest of organisms or see the flash of color of an oriole in a tree. I have found a tiny vole skull … Continued