Taking the time…

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Land snorkeling is to nature as the Slow Food movement is to food; both require slowing down to savor the moment. I was among a group of volunteers who would plant flowers in twelve big containers which would later be … Continued

Note from a Landsnorkeler:

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This is a great idea you folks have. As a born and bred Montana boy I am now a retired Civil Engineer and have been pursuing watercolors for the last 15 years and recently acrylics after a Glacier Park workshop with … Continued

Enduring Horsetails

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These are horsetails. Most people who live in the Pacific Northwest know them and hate them, mostly because there’s absolutely no way you can ever get them out of your garden once they arrive.   I was at a very … Continued

Spring Fling

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  On the morning when the sun descends snow-crested peaks, rinses the valley with light, the cherry trees burst their buds, the willow puffs up and gleams, and the western tanager flies in. He flits in the willow after insects, … Continued