Ray Gilligan-Cape Cod

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This is Hummingbird Moth seen at my butterfly bush here in North Falmouth on Cape Cod. Most of my “landsnorkling” is done her on The Cape by joining various groups investigating the ecology and evolution of the area.

Hallie Rugheimer

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Horray, a body of people who enjoy being out in nature with a goal but not with the intention of a destination. Land snorkeling – another avenue to share sights, sites and insights with other lovers of the natural world … Continued

Bev Bunker-Alberta, Canada

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I grew up in a city and was fortunate enough to live almost across the street from a very large ravine and forested area that went on for many miles. I spent many hours there as I grew up; walking, … Continued

Greg Scheibel: Artist

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I spend quite a bit of time outdoors throughout the year, in a variety of weather conditions. It’s what inspires me to create art, and improves the quality of my life. But there is something extra special about a really … Continued

Karen Stevenson-Montana

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May 2011 If you really want to know how to land snorkel take a toddler for a walk. They are made for cruising at ground level like a catfish snuffling on a river bottom. Going at toddler pace – run, … Continued

Michael Chudzik: Oregon

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Growing up in the Oregon countryside and the offspring of French mountainmen going back to the 1600’s, it has always been my way to explore nature beyond the path and let her guide me to her magical places, kept secret … Continued

Winter’s End

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Winter is melting into spring! As I stand on the deck of our house I hear the distinct sound of wind soughing through the pines yet the branches are perfectly still. Then, I realize, it is the sound of running … Continued

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