All About Prairie Falcons

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Nairn’s Prairie Falcon from Dale Guthormsen on Vimeo.     And a radio program featuring an essay by Karen Stevenson paired with a poem by Linda Hasselstrom. Listen Here! and view some photos while you do so!      

Life at 40 degrees below zero…

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Article here on   A Wild Life at 40 Below: Working on a Snow-Covered American Serengeti  The bison herd on American Prairie Reserve moves across the landscape unfazed by winter weather. Photo: Dennis Lingohr When you think about modern … Continued

Sean Gerrity’s Interview with Eric Dinerstein

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From   An Abundance of Rarity, Prairies and Beyond – with Eric Dinerstein In his travels around the world, World Wildlife Fund Lead Scientist Eric Dinerstein has been fortunate to experience an abundance of today’s uncommon creatures. His latest book, The Kingdom of Rarities,takes readers … Continued

Snorkeling Wildflowers

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WOW – A FABULOUS ARTICLE written by our great naturalist friend, Whitney Tilt! Including a mention for… “I am “land snorkeling,” to use a term coined by artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman (visit I am out under the … Continued