An Unusual Hotel Greeter

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I was greeted by this female Peregrine Falcon nested on a ledge outside my hotel window in Silver Springs, Maryland, sitting on 4 eggs.  I was lucky to get an out of focus, fast shot of the male giving her … Continued

Harry Howard and Barbara Batey: Montana

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August 2010: Arizona Monsoons Click each image for a description… 2012: Snorkled my way into falling in love with Clyde’s paintings, long before we’d met…probably because he paints the atmosphere, the light on leaf, the glimmer in the heart of … Continued

Carol Guzman: Founder

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Mendocino Coast July 2014 – While landsnorkeling along the Pacific Coast in Elk, California we came across this gentleman named Larry Knowles who harvests seaweed for his company Rising Tide Sea Vegetables in Mendocino, California.   They make nutritional seaweed snacks … Continued

Scott McMillion – Montana

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Land snorkeling isn’t power walking, or even hiking. It isn’t about exercising your body. Rather, it’s a conscious method of exercising your curiosity. It’s not so much about finding answers as it is about finding questions. It’s a vital tool … Continued

Sean Gerrity: American Prairie Reserve

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View Sean’s latest article, an Interview with Eric Dinerstein.   Connecting With Nature Requires Public Access to the Natural World July 2012 – Originally Posted HERE. People in the United States have a slowly eroding relationship with nature, but we … Continued

Karen Stevenson: Montana

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Land Snorkeling Notes – July 2012 The earth crunches under my feet as my dog and I go on our morning meadow walk. Even though it is five in the morning, I feel the air heavy with accumulated heat of day … Continued