Pam Brown: Yosemite Mystery

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This was our first visit to Yosemite as part of a group of friends who introduced us to the Yosemite Conservancy and Trust. Joe and I were thrilled with the Natural abundance of beauty and contrasts. We attended a few … Continued

Whitney Tilt: Snork Dork in Training

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Update – February 2013: Courtesy of Snorkeling with GVLT by Whitney Tilt, Board Member    “Land Snorkeling” is a term first coined by GVLT supporters Clyde and Carol Aspevig for taking the time to look closer at the nature around us, … Continued

Greg Scheibel: Artist

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I spend quite a bit of time outdoors throughout the year, in a variety of weather conditions. It’s what inspires me to create art, and improves the quality of my life. But there is something extra special about a really … Continued

Chuck Neustifter: Saw-whet

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I am enjoying my third or fourth cup of coffee while Patches sits curled up on her bed dreaming of fat, slow rabbits. We received several inches of new snow last night. The temperature dropped from the mid forties to … Continued