Dennis Lingohr – Eastern Montana Prairie

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I’m nearly always on my own when trying to capture the perfect vision quest.  It was great to have company who appreciated what lay before our eyes. I gained some new perspectives from being with two artists. I used to more often than not exclude some items in my view screen, such as trails and other intrusions created by “white European settlers.” After observing Clyde include winding two tracks in his images I now use these curving trails to lead the eyes into my vision quest.
I just returned from a trip to visit my daughter in North Eastern South Dakota. I took time to show her and my grandson what I look for when photographing old buildings on their farm.  It is not enough to just stand back and capture the old homestead house, barn, and granary. You must move in and record close-up detail. This detail first shows the decay of age and exposure to the elements and apparent worthlessness and need to dispose of these eyesores.  Upon close examination one finds that even worn, weathered, and decayed wood has visual appeal and value. I took them inside and had them shoot thru the windows to see what the homesteaders looked out at before TVs and IPods. I don’t know if my words and appreciation for these icons of past struggles and trials of previous occupants will temporarily save the structures, but at least I know my daughter will record the images with her camera before her husband dozes and burns them.