Look, Don’t Touch!

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A fantastic article encouraging kids (and their adults) to immerse themselves in nature, make mud pies, build forts, and climb trees. Nature can take it, and the love they develop for nature as a kid will foster environmentally friendly behaviors … Continued

Screen Addiction and Children

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A new article from the New York times about Screen Addiction in China, the US, and how more children spend more of their lives in a digital world than the real one. Coincides with a new documentary from PBS called … Continued

A Rock Story

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By Karen Stevenson I love rocks! After spending a day trekking around the countryside, I have been known to arrive at home with my pockets filled with rocks. I suppose I learned that habit from my mother. She kept a … Continued

Just the right words…

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for over a decade I have been collecting place-words: gleaned singly from conversations, correspondences, or books, and jotted down in journals or on slips of paper. Now and then I have hit buried treasure in the form of vernacular dictionaries … Continued

An Unusual Hotel Greeter

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I was greeted by this female Peregrine Falcon nested on a ledge outside my hotel window in Silver Springs, Maryland, sitting on 4 eggs.  I was lucky to get an out of focus, fast shot of the male giving her … Continued