Just the right words…

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for over a decade I have been collecting place-words: gleaned singly from conversations, correspondences, or books, and jotted down in journals or on slips of paper. Now and then I have hit buried treasure in the form of vernacular dictionaries … Continued

An Unusual Hotel Greeter

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I was greeted by this female Peregrine Falcon nested on a ledge outside my hotel window in Silver Springs, Maryland, sitting on 4 eggs.  I was lucky to get an out of focus, fast shot of the male giving her … Continued

Land Art Videos

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Land Art Documentary, Scotland by Dietmar Voorwold   Land Art, Leaves & Light: Logos/Arcan – Beaute Eternelle Land Art Documentary, Australia with Brad Schwede  

Winter Wonderings

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Most of the country is trapped in the dead of winter, dreaming of spring. These should help wile away the cold days. Enjoy! A Kids Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – It includes a suggestion for hot cocoa at the end… how … Continued

Turtle Shell

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By: Karen Stevenson While walking in an open pine studded meadow above the draw where a small pond and stock tank are fed by a spring, I happened upon a turtle shell, belly side up, on the ground. It was … Continued

The Chickadee’s Memory

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Chickadees! The tenacious bird that can survive a Montana winter has a memory that will blow your mind! (From Montana Outdoors) “Even if chickadees don’t end up helping science cure Alzheimer’s, the birds will always be a welcome tonic for … Continued

Intracacies of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

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Great NY Times article on monarchs, milkweed, and their intricate relationship. “Unlike most migrating species, monarch butterflies employ an improbable strategy that splits their round-trip migration between generations. So their life cycles must be intricately synchronized with those of the … Continued