The Chickadee’s Memory

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Chickadees! The tenacious bird that can survive a Montana winter has a memory that will blow your mind! (From Montana Outdoors) “Even if chickadees don’t end up helping science cure Alzheimer’s, the birds will always be a welcome tonic for … Continued

Intracacies of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

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Great NY Times article on monarchs, milkweed, and their intricate relationship. “Unlike most migrating species, monarch butterflies employ an improbable strategy that splits their round-trip migration between generations. So their life cycles must be intricately synchronized with those of the … Continued

Woodland Nursery

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Tops out the scale of cuteness.  “A lovely exploration of human nature and society, this film takes us into an unusual outdoor nursery. With the woods as their classroom and playground, a group of small children explore their surroundings and … Continued


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 Wasps!  Order: Hymenoptera, Family – Vespidae By Karen Stevenson It’s that time of year when even my dog doesn’t want to sit out on the deck on a nice autumn day because of the gangs of wasps rumbling about. With … Continued

The Life of a Dragonfly

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Dragonflies are fascinating animals. At different stages in their life, they not only change body shape dramatically but also their environment. As nymphs, they live underwater, as adults, in the air. This 15-minute video by Andy Holt beautifully captures their … Continued

Time Lapse Fireflies

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  Luminous fireflies create scenes similar to Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in this spectacular time-lapse video from filmmaker Vincent Brady. Brady captured these impressionistic images in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and Grand Ledge, Michigan, during the summer of 2013.

All About Prairie Falcons

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Nairn’s Prairie Falcon from Dale Guthormsen on Vimeo.     And a radio program featuring an essay by Karen Stevenson paired with a poem by Linda Hasselstrom. Listen Here! and view some photos while you do so!      

Orchard Oriole

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By Karen Stevenson Pausing to rest my eyes from the computer screen, I looked out my window and there was a flash of the brightest orange in flight I have ever seen. This beautiful orchard oriole hung out in the … Continued