Kids + Woods

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HOW TO KEEP YOUNG HIKERS HAPPY: Nature Games and Other Strategies for More Fun on the Trail Leading kids through the woods requires more than a map and compass. You also need enthusiasm and creativity to keep things fun for … Continued

Taking the time…

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Land snorkeling is to nature as the Slow Food movement is to food; both require slowing down to savor the moment. I was among a group of volunteers who would plant flowers in twelve big containers which would later be … Continued

Animal Magnetism: Why we love watching animals…

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Animal Magnetism Humans are fascinated by our fellow animals – is that just an evolutionary hangover or something more profound? by David P Barash –  an evolutionary biologist, aspiring buddhist, and professor of psychology and biology at the University of Washington. His most … Continued

Teaching Kids to Love Nature

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Great article here on Moms and Dads who teach kids to love nature…   HERE’S TO THE MOMS — and Dads — who teach the love of nature by example, despite certain phobias …. My mother, an artist, hovered above … Continued