Life at 40 degrees below zero…

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Article here on   A Wild Life at 40 Below: Working on a Snow-Covered American Serengeti  The bison herd on American Prairie Reserve moves across the landscape unfazed by winter weather. Photo: Dennis Lingohr When you think about modern … Continued

Note from a Landsnorkeler:

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This is a great idea you folks have. As a born and bred Montana boy I am now a retired Civil Engineer and have been pursuing watercolors for the last 15 years and recently acrylics after a Glacier Park workshop with … Continued

A cookbook for landsnorkelers…

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A Bird Hunter’s Table, is about cooking, eating, and sharing friendship. It is also about gundogs, gamebirds, and getting outside to enjoy the land.  A Bird Hunter’s Table includes over 130 recipes, collectively assembled by friends and family. In addition, the … Continued