Pam Brown: Yosemite Mystery

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This was our first visit to Yosemite as part of a group of friends who introduced us to the Yosemite Conservancy and Trust. Joe and I were thrilled with the Natural abundance of beauty and contrasts. We attended a few … Continued

Sean Gerrity’s Interview with Eric Dinerstein

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From   An Abundance of Rarity, Prairies and Beyond – with Eric Dinerstein In his travels around the world, World Wildlife Fund Lead Scientist Eric Dinerstein has been fortunate to experience an abundance of today’s uncommon creatures. His latest book, The Kingdom of Rarities,takes readers … Continued

Whitney Tilt: Snork Dork in Training

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Update – February 2013: Courtesy of Snorkeling with GVLT by Whitney Tilt, Board Member    “Land Snorkeling” is a term first coined by GVLT supporters Clyde and Carol Aspevig for taking the time to look closer at the nature around us, … Continued

Finding Zen in a Piece of Nature

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Article from the New York Times, Full Article HERE. Finding Zen in a Patch of Nature SEWANEE, Tenn. — It is afternoon in a hardwood forest on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, and the cicadas are singing. David Haskell, … Continued

The California Forest Floor…

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In late April I was strolling through the woods near Burney Falls, California when I happened upon this odd display on the forest floor. I halted and uttered, “oooh.” This was a rather peculiar organism I had not yet encountered. … Continued