Kristen Thies

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For me, Land Snorkeling…
is about practicing the art of becoming one with Nature.

It means turning off my computer and cell phone, then stepping outside into a magical world that enlivens all my senses.

I love feeling the warmth of a gentle breeze and spending long sunny hours walking in the woods or near the sea.

I am delighted by the sounds of song- birds and charmed at the sight of honeybees or humming birds gathering nectar.

I am refreshed by the power of ocean waves crashing on a sandy beach as I look for seashells along the shore.

Land Snorkeling…
is about connecting with my true spirit–becoming a child of wonder enriched by Nature’s eternal treasures…

Kristen Thies
CEO/ Co-Founder West Wind Fine Art
Representing the finest American Paintings since 1998
Author: Wisdom & the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts