Kent & Linda – Montana

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kent_lindaThe term land snorkeling is new to me but I like it! Back in the late 70’s when we (Linda, Harry, me) were all involved with Boojum Institute we did a variation of this with our school kid clients. We’d have them sit away from each other, but within sound of our voice for directions and walk them through a series of exercises designed to suss out all the details around them that they were missing. Picking out the shapes made in the sky where tree leaves weren’t, distinguising between the sound of grass moving and leaves rustling, “find three things (while blindfolded) that smell distinctly different from each other”. We would also have them verbalize, silently, word based descriptions of what they saw, encouraging descriptions that worked down to the finest possible detail.

Very soothing, very informative and like you say, “free and fun”!

We did a lot of snorkeling in the first two weeks of September rafting the Grand Canyon. Those long quiet stretches between rapids on the Colorado are perfect for snorkeling, with the perspective changing moment to moment as the raft advances and turns.

Kent and Linda, Land Snorkelers from Bozeman, MT