Shirl Ireland: Learning from our children

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Children are natural land snorkelers – ask any parent who is intent on hiking with small children. Believe me, I would know. Yes, I have been known to be one of those parents on a mission. My ‘pre-set adult destination’ means nothing to them – it is what’s along the way that can be appreciated as you go. What grabs their attention is the beauty at their feet. They see every rock, every bug, every twig as truly and utterly amazing in a different way… And certainly worth their exploration right now. Children feel no time pressure, they have no need to hurry along the path. Every nook and cranny holds interest to them. If and when you make it to your ‘pre-set adult destination’ is of no concern to them. They want to explore what’s at their feet – piece by amazing piece. It’s the here and now where their attention lies.

I’ve heard it said – children are sent here to be our teachers. That may be true.

As 2 landscape & wildlife artist’s, raising 2 small children and living on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, land snorkeling is a way of life for our family. Now, it has a fitting name. From my perspective, the land snorkeling movement needs to take the world by storm – most of the ills of the world could be solved if we turned off the TV and went outside to appreciate the natural world and become connected to the Earth we live on. Amazing to think what a change that could generate on our planet. For my children’s sake, I hope it does.