Livingston Enterprise features Landsnorkeling

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The Livingston, Montana newspaper, the Enterprise ran a wonderful feature article on Landsnorkeling and Clyde & Carol – our founders.

Enterprise photo by Aaric Bryan

“Walking around outdoors without an agenda or a destination, just looking at the natural world, taking it all in and paying attention. They call it “land snorkeling.”

Husband-and-wife artists Carol Guzman and Clyde Aspevig think land snorkeling is so important they created a website to encourage others to do it, too.
And yes, they are aware of the contradiction of telling people sitting inside at a computer to go land snorkeling.
“It’s ironic we have a website telling people to go outside,” Guzman laughed Tuesday, in the living room of the couple’s Clyde Park-area home.
Aspevig said getting outside and paying attention to the natural world — “wandering and pondering,” as Guzman describes it — is more important than ever because so many of us spend so much time indoors, looking at computer monitors and television screens. He says he’s not anti-technology, but by spending so much time indoors, we lose touch with nature.
“We’re not advocating that all technology is bad, just that we need balance,” Aspevig said.”