Note from a Landsnorkeler:

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This is a great idea you folks have. As a born and bred Montana boy I am now a retired Civil Engineer and have been pursuing watercolors for the last 15 years and recently acrylics after a Glacier Park workshop with John Poon. I especially liked reading Clyde’s thought on finding the little sanctuaries, “hidey holes” if you will. I do this, but never found anyone that understood it before. I delight in just sitting down and looking at a little refuge spot in the timber, or getting way out in the wide open west of the Bears Paw mountains, where I’ve been going antelope hunting for 35 years.

I can relate to your 17 day trip to Denver.Once I left Big Sandy, headed for Helena. Stopping to sketch and photograph old homesteads, and writing poetry as it came into my head (I’m a Cowboy Poet), it took me 3 1/2 hours to get to Great Falls!

Thanks for your work among us here in Montana.

– John C. Ulberg