Pam Brown: Yosemite Mystery

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This was our first visit to Yosemite as part of a group of friends who introduced us to the Yosemite Conservancy and Trust. Joe and I were thrilled with the Natural abundance of beauty and contrasts. We attended a few photography workshops and guided hikes but the best lesson of all was the advice by noted photographer Mike Osborne to go beyond the “Yosemite Icons” and explore the flora and fauna that lies beneath.

PamBrown-DeerOn our walk to the Yosemite Lower Falls I found the best “landsnorkeling” with dancing patterns of sunlight through the trees playing on the granite and forest floor. You can miss the deeper message of the Wilderness until you stray away from the crowds and open your eyes and ears to the mystery.


The weekend inspired me in my jewelry design work with gemstones and amulets and my “Stoneprints” necklaces are particularly vivid this week. Please visit to see more. Thanks to Carol and Clyde for always inspiring me on my journey.
 –  Pam