Snorkeling Wildflowers

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WOW – A FABULOUS ARTICLE written by our great naturalist friend, Whitney Tilt! Including a mention for…

“I am “land snorkeling,” to use a term coined by artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman (visit I am out under the big sky country of Montana, but I am looking down and around. Like snorkeling over a reef, I am looking at the patterns of color and texture, seeing what new growth has cast away the soil and winter’s decay. I am aware of where the sun has warmed a southern exposure, recognizing that northern exposures are weeks behind in their awakening. Land snorkeling allows me to turn a hike into an experience. Not limited to the expectation of hiking four miles with an elevation gain of 1,200 feet, burning sufficient calories to enjoy two glasses of good wine with locally grown lamb, I am anticipating much more.”

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