Taylor Swift and the “Nature” of her songs.

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Jeff Opperman is the global lead freshwater scientist for the World Wildlife Fund. He is the first author of the book “Floodplains.”

He recently penned an article for the New York Times about the prevalence of natural terms, metaphors and more in Taylor Swifts two Quarantine albums. He says “They are singing us back to nature.” We hope you have a listen here.

“In Ms. Swift’s lyrics, nature is not remote. It can also be suburban, even urban, and thus familiar and accessible. The backyards where little kids explore creeks become places to party for high schoolers. She name-checks two urban parks: the High Line in Manhattan and Centennial Park in Nashville, her adopted hometown.

Songs like this — in which nature is a place to bond, seek solace or just hang out — may be even more needed than songs that preach about saving it. Because this is not nature as a living (what I do) but simply nature as part of daily life. And that is what we are missing.”

Read the full article here.