There’s an App for that… Greater Yellowstone Flora Guide.

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We talk a lot about getting away from technology in this blog, but it has it’s place.  If you are landsnorkeling in the Greater Yellowstone or Gallatin area, and wondering what that flower right there is, we have your answer!  An Android app from Whitney Tilt (one of our Snork Dorks) and is described on the site as “Flora of the Yellowstone Region presents more than 300 wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees readily found in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding national forests of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and beyond. Designed for expert and beginner alike, this guide presents each species in a clear, informative format that provides photos and illustrations of the plant, an easily understood description, distinctive field marks, preferred habitats, and tidbits on the plant’s ecology and cultural use.”

The app is available for Android Users So download, enjoy, and snorkel informed!