Clyde Aspevig & Carol Guzman
The Original LandSnorkelers

My wife and I are artists living south of Bozeman under the shadows of the Gallatin Mountains after spending 16 years in the Shields Valley east of the Bridger Mountains.  We both grew up watching very little TV and spent much of our childhood playing outdoors.

Carol, being from St. Louis, found wild lands behind her house in the suburbs to play in and explore.  Hot summer nights were filled with children running, covering ground by playing hide and seek and other games throughout the neighborhood.

I grew up on a wheat farm in Northern Montana where my time as a child was spent exploring my grandfather’s barns and outbuildings.

Our lives were defined by wonder and imagination.  It’s no surprise then, that through the winds of fate, we became kindred spirits.  On one of our early hikes together near Sedona, Arizona Carol made an observation about the flora and fauna underfoot with all its beauty and mystery.  Her face lit up and she looked at me and said “It’s Land Snorkeling!”  The phrase stuck and today as we travel and wander the landscapes of the world we still use this term.  When I used “Land Snorkeling” to describe what my guide in Africa was showing me as we sifted through some elephant dung, his face lit up and he said, “that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all my life.”

We decided to launch this website in hopes of enhancing our relationship with the living earth, so that we can awaken our senses to the wonderful mysteries that await the curious mind.

Please don’t spend too much time on our site – just get out and Land Snorkel. – Please let us know what you discover…

– Clyde Aspevig

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